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Sky Pixel LA is a FAA APPROVED Aerial Media Production service business.

Our staff  only consists of highly experienced licensed and insured pilots.


Starting with the reinforced carbon fiber props, curved magnet singe-wire motors to state of the art GLONASS + GPS technology providing extreme precision and satellite acquisition.

Built inside our aerial camera is a powerful Micro Four Thirds sensor that’s absolutely revolutionary for an aerial camera. The new MFT sensor enables high quality, high sensitivity image recording at an ISO range of 100-25600. With a sophisticated balance of high-resolving power, accurate gradation, and low noise, are artistic and creative vision is unbeatable.

We strive to stay with the newest and latest to be sure we are delivering you an unforgettable product.


Sky Pixel LA’s top priority is the safety during our filming.

Safety starts with making sure we have 100% trust in the technology we film with.

We use state of the art technology by the world’s leading Drone Manufacture.


Sky Pixel LA can bring your vision to life! We strive to offer amazing cinematography to our clients.

From ground cameras and stabilizers, to putting a camera in the sky.


Drones offer unlimited industrial applications today. With our latest Drone technology we can help with Architecture,

Precision Agriculture, Electrical Inspections, Aerial Imaging, Safety Control and Search and Rescue.

Real Estate

Using Drones for Real Estate is more than affordable. Let us help make your listings stand out by offering a truly amazing view from above.

Everything from Property maps and surveys to aerial views of the entire property and land.

Wedding Videography

How will you remember your big Wedding Day?

Turn your Wedding Day into a 4K Cinematic Experience!

Sky Pixel Weddings can help!


Our team relies on licensed and insured pilots, information technology experts and risk management in order to ensure our clients’ success.

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